How to Use Prolongz in
Just Two Easy Steps


100% Secure, Safe & private

Step 1: Two a Day Keeps the Shame Away

First, you just need to take two strips of Prolongz a day.

You can take both strips anytime of the day or night. Take them in the morning. Take them after lunch. Or take one at the start of your day and one at the end of your day. We know you are busy and have things to do. That’s why it doesn’t matter when you take the strips. It only matters that you be sure to take two Prolongz strips daily.

By taking just two strips a day, you improve your brain’s ability to last longer during sex. Since Prolongz is a sublingually dissolving mouth strip, no one will know that you are taking it! Everyone will just think you are taking a breath strip! It will be our little secret.

Speaking of secrets, the reason Prolongz is so effective isn’t because of a secret formula. Prolongz is rapidly effective because it dissolves in the mouth and immediately enters the bloodstream. Pills need to spend hours being digested in the gastrointestinal tract while passing through the entire digestive system.

Even worse, higher amounts of medicine are needed in pills since so much of it will be destroyed by stomach acid, bile, and digestive enzymes before even reaching the bloodstream! This is why almost every medication requires you to take it with food and water!

Prolongz doesn’t require you to take either and it is absorbed into your bloodstream before ever reaching the stomach. Unlike other medications, you’ll never have to worry about Prolongz causing stomach cramps and acid reflux. You get all the benefits of premature ejaculation medication and none of the downsides to using bottles of pills! Prolongz is safe and rapidly effective for when you want to have longer lasting sex.

Increase Ejaculatory Control Levels 97.3%

Step 2: Ready for Fun? Just take One.

Second, take one strip before intercourse.

It’s easier than putting on a condom! Most men take over one minute to find, open, and put on a condom. Prolongz is even faster and just as important before sex! There’s no point in putting on a condom to have sex for just three quick minutes. With just one strip of Prolongz before sex, you can have longer lasting sex that just keeps going and going!

Prolongz strips dissolve instantly upon contact with your tongue! There’s no waiting for a little blue pill to dissolve over an hour or more before you can be ready for the fun! All you have to do is put one Prolongz strip on your tongue and you are instantly ready for longer lasting sex. The reason Prolongz works so fast is because your mouth begins digesting the strip as it dissolves instantly. It’s practically premature ejaculation relief and treatment at the push of a button!

There you have it. The path to longer lasting sex is a simple two step process of just taking two strips of Prolongz daily with one strip before sex. Anyone can do that, but only men who take Prolongz will be able to enjoy longer lasting sex in their lives! Girlfriends, dates, and wives will be amazed at how instantly and how long Prolongz works!

At Prolongz, we want you to “Be the Dragon” you’ve always wanted to be. You can never be one with premature ejaculation holding you back. That’s why Prolongz is here to help end your premature ejaculation problems.

You’ll be so satisfied your first time having sex after taking Prolongz that you will become a DRAGON in bed with an insatiable appetite for more longer lasting sex!

Now that you know how easy Prolongz is to use, try it for yourself! This 15 day trial offer is your first step to longer lasting sex for the rest of your life!

You have nothing to lose except your old, quick, and boring sex life caused by premature ejaculation.

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